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Precision Fleet Maintenance


Set price servicing

Know what you are getting

Here at Precision Fleet Maintenance we can tailor a set price to ensure that you can budget for all your servicing needs.


Roadside assistance

The team at Precision Fleet Maintenance is always ready to help at anytime, whether it is flat batteries or you have run out of fuel, we can help you.


Highlands Truck Racing

Ive been using Precision Fleet Maintenance for all my equipment servicing including my Division B Supertruck, which has claimed the B Grade Championship for the last 5 years.

Fleet Servicing

Keeping the wheels in motion

The two most important things in the heavy vehicle industry are safety and reliability.

Safety is our number one concern with all work being performed to only the highest standards.

Reliability is only obtained when the maintenance of your fleet is kept in check.

By letting Precision Fleet Maintenance carry out your servicing and repairs you can ensure that safety and reliability will be garaunteed.